Sony Opens An Indie Games Store On The PlayStation Vita


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The PlayStation Vita has been pretty much abandoned by the major publishers and developers of the world. Indie developers, however, have been very proactive in supporting the platform.

To celebrate the indie developers keeping the Vita alive, Sony has opened a new Indie category in the PlayStation Vita store. As its name suggests, it will be the one stop shop for all things indie on the Vita.

The new Vita indie store mirrors the recently opened indie section of the PlayStation Store on the PS3. A concern then was that Sony would push off the indies into their own store while keeping them out of the more high traffic categories. Sony has already calmed those worries so indie developers on the Vita won't have to worry about losing their competitive edge against games from major publishers.

Will indie games convince people to pick up a Vita? Probably not, but it's a nice gesture on the part of Sony and indie developers for those who are still waiting for publishers to notice Sony's handheld.