Sony Nexus X Was A Fake, Creator Explains How He Did It Via Infographic

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Remember that Sony Nexus phone that was leaked a few days ago? Turns out the whole thing was a fake. Unlike most fakes, however, the creator has come forward to explain why he did it. He also showed off how he did it via an amazing infographic.

The pictures of the fake Sony Nexus X went up on Picasa on Sunday, October 14 at 5:30 p.m. It took 16 hours for the first story to appear on XperiaBlog. Our story went up a few hours later. After that, the story spread like wildfire until there was 521 news articles about the fake device.

As for the design of the actual fake, he created it through an impressive 3D render based on design elements from both the Nexus and Xperia lineup of handsets. Check it out for yourself:

Sony Nexus X Fake

For the why, you can check that out over at the creator's tumblr page. It's an interesting read on journalism, fakes and wishful thinkers who hoped this was real.

[h/t: Android Central]