Sony Issues Recall Of New Xperia Tablet After Defect Was Found

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Sony has been pushing for a slice of the tablet market since the launch of its first tablets earlier this year. The company's latest tablet, the Xperia Tablet S, launched in September to minimal fanfare. The tablet did manage to garner some sales, but a defect is forcing Sony to recall the month-old tablet.

Reuters is reporting that the new Xperia tablet S isn't as waterproof as Sony claims it is. The tablet, according to Sony's own Web site, says that users can actually use the device even when their hands are wet thanks to a "splash proof enclosure." It's an obvious attempt to get the tablet into kitchens, but it hasn't worked out exactly as they planned.

The tablet currently suffers from a manufacturing defect that allows gaps to appear between the screen and the case. The waterproof claim falls flat as water can get in through these gaps and cause irreparable harm to the device. Thankfully, Sony has only shipped about 100,000 of the devices so the recall should not affect their already low bottom line.

Sony has also offered to fix any tablets that have already been purchased. Interested consumers should contact Sony's customer service to arrange the repair. A free repair is always nice, but you might not want to bother if your Xperia S isn't going to be used anywhere near water.

It's unknown when Sony will start to sell the Xperia S again. Sony's interesting dual screen tablet is still available, and recently got a price markdown to a more affordable $350. Sony's devices may not be a market leader, but at least they're doing some pretty cool stuff.

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