Sony Hoping To Get "Orbis" Out Before "Durango" [Rumor]


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The war is on! The rumors are picking up and going into over drive! The next consoles are on their way from both Microsoft and Sony. It has already been confirmed by both Sony and Microsoft that there will be now new console announcement from either of them at this years E3. So that means unless something amazing happens, we will not get confirmation of a new console until at least 2013 and no new console from either of them until the holiday season of 2013 which is 19 months away!

Sony started the process of making their new console about 2 years ago and feel as though they will be able to get it out before the next Microsoft version codenamed "Durango."

Sources at had this to say: “Sony are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time,” they said. “You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first.”

Sony has already let big name publishers in on what the console is going to be. “Top line publishers already know about it,” our source said. “Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example – already know what’s going on. They’re already working on it.”

the rumor front had, until recently, been really quiet because most people believed that it would be 2014 at a minimum till we saw a new Playstation due to Sony's 10 year console life plan.

Oh yeah. That Kotaku thing about PS4 being called Orbis? It's true. Or it was, anyway. 9 minutes ago via HootSuite ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto