Sonic Lost World Gets Two New Trailers


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Sonic Lost World just launched in Europe, and SEGA couldn't be more pleased. In fact, it's put together two separate trailers for both versions of the game to tide over US fans until the game launches here in two weeks.

The first launch trailer shows off the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. In it, we get to see much of what we've seen before - Sonic running, jumping and spinning through a wide variety of colorful worlds.

As for the 3DS version, Sega makes a big deal about how this is the first handheld Sonic game to be in full 3D. The handheld version will also feature four player races compared to the Wii U version's two-player races.

As the game is already out in Europe, the reviews have been pouring in left and right. How is Sonic's latest outing? As expected, critics are split. Some have praised the game as a fresh take on the franchise, while others have criticized it for trying too many new things without excelling at a single one. The Wii U version currently sits at 62 metascore while the 3DS version sits at a 58.

Sonic fans are used to bad reviews, however, and this latest round of middling scores will not deter them. In fact, the only real deterrence is that Sonic Lost World will be exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS when it launches on October 29. Only the really hardcore Sonic fans can justify spending $300 for one game.

[Image: SegaAmerica/YouTube]