Soleil Moon Frye: Punky Brewster Sexy in Bikini Following 40-Pound Weight Loss

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Soleil Moon Fry, best known for her childhood role as Punky Brewster in the TV show of the same name, just revealed her sexy bikini body following a 40-pound weight loss.

After giving birth to son Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg, back in February of 2014, Frye wanted to shed the baby weight. That doesn't happen as easily in one's late 30s as it does during younger years. Soleil Moon Frye, now 38, is a Nutrisystem ambassador, as well as proof positive that the plan works.

"I think four times in one week people were asking, 'When are you due?'" Frye explains, noting that even after her baby was born, the pregnancy weight was sticking around.

Soleil Moon Frye posed in a bikini for a new promotion, but admits it took a while to reach the level of confidence needed to don the scant pieces of fabric.

"I remember being over a specific number and saying, 'Okay, just get down five.' When I was there, it was like 'Okay, now five more,'" she said.

In addition to losing weight for her own benefit, Soleil Moon Frye hopes to serve another purpose in her role as Nutrisystem ambassador.

"I want to encourage moms to feel good about themselves," she said. "I think it's important to empower ourselves. We have kids and we love our kids, but we still have ourselves."

Soleil Moon Frye has a very sexy self that will no doubt encourage other women--men, too--to contact Nutrisystem and get on their plan so they can look as sexy as she does by the time bikini season rolls around.

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