Sofia Vergara Praises Reese Witherspoon’s Acting Skills And Big Butt

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Reese Witherspoon has “the biggest butt of any white woman in Hollywood” according to actress Sofia Vergara as she showed her support to her friend who received the American Cinematheque Award on Friday.

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Witherspoon and Vergara became close pals after working together on the movie Hot Pursuit earlier this year. The Modern Family actress attended the event looking stunning in her backless red maxi dress. The cut-outs on the both sides of the sleeveless dress highlighted the 43-year-old actress’ curves. Vergara praised Witherspoon for her professionalism as she talked about their promo tour for their film, Hot Pursuit, where she said, “This multitalented, beautiful woman, with her little boy police uniform, became the only girl that I have ever made out with (in the movie). I French-kissed Reesey Witherspoon.”

She also praised the blonde actress’ impressive butt, “She has the best skin and the biggest butt of any white woman in Hollywood, and the most generous heart. You know it’s true, you said it to me.”

Vergara has nothing but love for her friend whom she called “My Little Pony.” She admired Witherspoon’s effort to reach out to their Latino audience by trying to speak in Spanish during their promotional tour. She joked it was embarrassing seeing Witherspoon speak in Spanish with a “very weird accent,” but she was happy that her friend tried.

“Reesey, I’m glad to be here as a fan and a friend. You deserve the world, all the happiness, all the blessings, all the Spanish lessons that you can take, and all the awards and praise for your success and leadership in this industry,” Vergara said as she paid tribute to her friend.

The duo easily became friend on the set of Hot Pursuit, which follows the story of a policewoman portrayed by Witherspoon and her efforts to safely bring to court a witness, played by Vergara, who testifies against a big-time criminal.

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