Sofia Vergara: Illness Keeps Her Away From Oscars

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Sofia Vergara, one of the stars of "Modern Family", was hit with a nasty bout of the flu over the weekend and had to skip all the Oscars excitement.

The curvy star says she's fine but is recovering at home and trying to keep away from anyone who might contract the illness. The flu has been particularly bad this season, with some states declaring emergencies after so many victims checked into the hospital at once that some had to be turned away. Many celebrities have been hit, including actor Burt Reynolds, who had to be briefly hospitalized with the illness.

In fact, so many people fell victim to the flu this year that an ice cream maker decided to unleash a specialty item on the public: Influenza Sorbet. The orange-flavored treat is infused with honey, lemon, ginger, orange, cayenne pepper, and pectin, which is found in cough drops, and many swear by the food as a means to feeling better.

Vergara has made several headlines already this year after she and fiance Nick Loeb were kicked out of a Miami club during an altercation on New Year's Eve, but she seems in good spirits and tweeted about having to stay home this past weekend.

Amanda Crum
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