Sofia Vergara Breaks Silence on Nick Loeb's Embryo Lawsuit

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When Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiance Nick Loeb were together, the created and froze two female embryos for use later on in their relationship. Since their split, Loeb filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting custody of said embryos. He wants to have them implanted into a surrogate.

According to a report from People magazine, Sofia Vergara has finally broken her silence over the lawsuit. The Modern Family star, who will soon star alongside Reese Witherspoon in their new film, Hot Pursuit, spoke with Howard Stern on Monday about the situation.

A child "needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don't hate each other," Sofia Vergara told Stern.

"I don't hate him," she added, "but he obviously has a problem with me!"

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb ended their engagement about a year ago. She is now engaged to marry Joe Manganiello.

Nick Loeb outlined how he feels about the situation--and why he has filed this lawsuit against Sofia Vergara--via an op-ed in the New York Times last week.

Loeb says if Vergara doesn't want to share custody of the babies he wants to create by implanting said embryos into a surrogate, then he is willing to raise them on his own.

"If she did not wish to share custody, I would take on full parenting responsibilities and agree to have her declared an egg donor," he wrote, adding that the couple ultimately split after he gave Vergara an ultimatum about having children.

"She has refused," he shared.

Sofia Vergara vehemently disagrees with Nick Loeb's stance on the embryos.

"A kid needs parents," she said during her chat with Howard Stern. "I wouldn't imagine anyone saying that it's sane to bring [into] the world kids that are already set up [with] everything wrong for them. It would be so selfish."

"You signed papers, legal papers, and if it was so serious for him, this issue--which I totally respect it is serious for someone--then you should have taken it more serious at the time like I did," she explained, adding that she's not concerned that a judge will side with her ex.

As for fiance Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara says they don't talk about the lawsuit.

"We try not to even talk about it," she said. "We have lawyers, and we're having so much fun right now. We're moving to our new house, he's promoting Magic Mike, I'm doing this movie, we're planning our wedding."

"So it's like, we try not to think about this because we can't do anything. It's signed, it's done, we have a contract and that's it," she adds.

Whose side are you on in this lawsuit over embryos created by Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb? Should he be allowed to implant those embryos and raise his children, or does she have the right to say no?

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