Social Networks Said To Account For 60% Of Mobile Web Usage

Social Media

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There's good news for social networks - and perhaps MySpace in particular - this week courtesy of Ground Truth.  The mobile measurement firm has determined that almost 60 percent of the time people spend online using a cell phone is dedicated to social networks, and that MySpace is ahead of Facebook in many respects.

Let's start with the basics.  Ground Truth's stats indicate that 59.83 percent of "time spent on mobile Internet usage" is committed to social networks.  The runner-up is then the "portals" category, consuming 13.65 percent of time spent, while "operator," "messaging," and "mobile downloads" trail further behind.

As for Ground Truth's site-specific data, the below chart pretty well shows the interesting manner in which things worked out.  It seems that MySpace has a lead over Facebook in every respect, even as a few mobile-specific sites are managing to do better still.

Anyway, Evan Neufeld, Ground Truth's vice president of marketing, concluded in a statement, "The disparity of time spent between social networking and the next category, portals . . . is a vivid illustration of the impact social networking has on Mobile Internet traffic in a given week."

This is a trend to which advertisers should definitely pay attention as smartphones become more and more common.