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It's hard to be witty all day, every day.  Sometimes you just lack inspiration for that perfect Tweet, or that amazingly clever Facebook status update.  Are you craving a re-tweet or 50+ likes?  Two new web applications might be able to help.

If you are too lazy to think of a something new to tweet about, but have a reputation to uphold as a purveyor of interesting tweets, "That can be my next tweet" can help.  Just enter your twitter handle and click "get your next tweet."  The app will formulate a tweet based on "the DNA of your existing messages."  Basically, it's a mishmash of all your previous tweets.

This, of course can lead to some strange, nonsensical tweets with no real linear structure.  It can also lead to some wonderfully weird, thought provoking tweets.  It also serves as a trip down memory lane, as you can pick out portions of tweets that you made long ago.  Verdict: It's a blast, and strangely addictive.  Enter your friends' Twitter names as well as celebrities for more fun.

If you want to stand above the banal muck most people post on Facebook, Generatus may be able to help.  Just enter your name and select the proper sex and Generatus come up with a status for you.

Many of them are snarky and/or pithy.  Each random status has its own tags that you can use to browse related statuses.  George Burns quotes, Spoonerisms, Insults, and Oscar Wilde quotes are just a few of many categories by which the random statuses are grouped.

Verdict: Not as incredibly fun as "That can be my next tweet," but possibly more useful if you are really strapped for something interesting to say.  At least everything makes sense.

"Let's face it, a status like 'Dave is mowing the lawn' or 'Kate is asleep' is not going to impress that huge entourage of friends you've amassed," says Generatus.

Indeed, vanity is the father of self-promotion of one's genius on the interwebs.  Does it really matter if you didn't come up with it? No, of course not.  We all know the perception of genius is all that matters.

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