Snowplow TV Reporter: Wave of Snow ‘Videobombs’ Live Standup

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Some snowplows take snowball fighting a little too far.

During a live TV coverage Monday morning in Salem County, New Jersey, one of Philadelphia's local reporters was crushed by a wave of snow.

WTXF-TV Fox 29's Steve Keeley was reporting about the trendy snowstorm hitting the east coast when a snowplow swept by, striking him with a heavy load.

In the video, Keeley starts his morning report as usual, speaking on the details of the weather and what necessary procedures the snowplows are doing to minimize the amount of snow on the streets.

He then, for some reason, moves closer to the street. As the cameraman shows footage of snowplow trucks passing by, the reporter is all of a sudden engulfed in snow.

Despite the minor videobomb, Keeley continues to talk as if nothing even happened.

Watch Keeley get hit by massive snow:

What a trooper!

According to Fox 29, Keeley is a “pro” at his job because aside from the hard hit,  “he didn't even miss a beat."

The station stated how Monday's live coverage was the “15th snowstorm Keeley has reported on this winter.”

The veteran reporter made light of the situation by jokingly saying that a rival reporter from another station may have sabotaged his live coverage.

He even went on Twitter and posted a funny comment about plows and cows:


Keeley told Good Day Philadelphia's Mike Jerrick that he's more than certain that this incident would make him a YouTube sensation. 

“You know I've spent my whole time here, ever since the invention of YouTube, I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star, and I think that hit will be on YouTube."

Unfortunately, Keeley will not hold the title as the first reporter uploaded to YouTube following a snowplow incident. However, he may be the first one to go viral.

Seven years ago, a WWTV Michigan journalist was nearly knocked out by a snowplow truck while reporting in a similar fashion.

Check it out here:

Future reporters, use this as a bit of advice: do not report so close to the roadways-especially when snowplows are present.

Image via Youtube

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