Snorting Smarties: The New Dumb Thing For Kids To Do


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It seems with every generation with too much time on its hands, some of them are going to think of some not-so bright ways to spend their time.

They plank.

They burn themselves with salt and ice. (No seriously.)

And now we have middle schoolers...snorting Smarties.

Wait, what?!

Why would kids be trying to smoke/snort a crunched up version of sugary candy? Consensus is that they are trying to imitate people who do actual drugs such as cocaine. Compare it to way back in the day when there was cigarette candy to imitate the smoking of actual cigarettes.

However, there is a danger to this seemingly goofy trend that makes it a little less goofy. The way Smarties are made, when crunched up, the pieces can be sharp, almost like tiny pieces of glass. There is a real risk of cutting the inside of your nose.

Leftover sugar can result in infections or even worse: Maggots. Dr. Oren Friedman, a Mayo Clinic nose specialist, has stated that the sugary residue left behind could lead maggots to crawl up your nose to feed on it. Ew! Is that the equivalent of sleeping with your mouth open may draw spiders? A better question is what sane person would risk finding out?

There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction of seriously irritating the lungs.

Look, we've all been dumb kids at some point. You're looking at someone who actually downed a cup of dish detergent because she mistook it for her fruit drink because she didn't look at what she was drinking. And it was a terrible experience. But then it was over and I knew better.

Kids, I know you're bored and I know you want to fit in with other idiotic kids, but there comes a time when you have to stop and take a look at yourself and what it is you are doing.

...You're snorting candy. If you can't find anything less ridiculous to do with your time, you're not trying hard enough.

Image via Wikimedia Commons