Small Number of Pringles Chip Cans Recalled

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Cylindrical cans of Pringles are a mainstay of American grocery store snack food aisles, but some Pringles chips will soon be pulled from store shelves before customers can even get a chance to pop them.

Kellogg's today announced a recall on certain 5.86-ounce cans of Pringles chips. The recall pertains to "Original"-flavored Pringles chips that may have been exposed to a seasoning that contains milk. As milk is not declared as an allergen on the cans, the company has had to issue the recall to comply with FDA regulations.

The recall may involve one of the biggest brands of potato chips, but the recall itself is actually minimal. Kellogg's believes that only 75 cans of Pringles chips were exposed to the milk seasoning. To be safe, though, the company is recalling an entire hours' worth of Pringles chip production.

Though the total number of recalled chips is small, that hours' worth of Pringles cans was distributed to seven different customer warehouses that supply retail stores throughout the U.S. The recalled cans all have a UPC code of 38000 84496, an expiration date of 12/26/2014, and a manufacturing code of L 3269KT70 followed by four numbers ranging from 0830 to 0930.

Kellogg's is advising customers who have milk allergies to avoid eating the tainted chips.

Image via Kellogg's

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