Sleeping Bags: Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

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Not a lot of people like to go camping in the winter, but some do and those who do need sleeping bags that are designed for cold weather.

While all sleeping bags have the ability to keep you warm, some can keep you warmer at lower temperatures.

If you are planning a winter camping trip and want to make sure you stay warm all night, try one of these top cold weather sleeping bags.

Coleman Crescent Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

The Coleman name is synonymous with camping and their sleeping bags are designed to withstand the coldest temperatures. These sleeping bags are available in a variety of colors. They are insulated and quilted and come with a pullover hood so you won't feel the slightest breeze and won't have to worry about the cold spots you can feel with some other sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are rated for 0 degrees F/-17.8 degrees C and are lightweight and easy to carry.

Master Sportsman Magnum Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

If you are considering camping in some very cold weather, this sleeping bag is the one for you. It is rated for -25 degrees F/-31.7 degrees C and has a rugged canvas exterior. The inside of the sleeping bag is soft and comfortable, and lined with polyester for extra insulation. This bag is also designed to be zipped to another sleeping bag of the same type, so it is perfect for couples.

Valandré Thor

Planning a trip to Antarctica? If you want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets outside, this sleeping bag is the one for you. These bags are used by explorers, scientists and people who have climbed Mount Everest. It is rated for -50.8 degrees F/-46 degrees C. It is also light weight and portable. Expect to pay a lot for a sleeping bag designed for the coldest of climates, this bag costs around $900.

No matter what type of cold climate you plan to travel to and camp in, there is a sleeping bag designed to keep you warm. Cold winter camping is often more about survival than comfort, but these sleeping bags can do it all.

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