Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Risks To Be Aware Of


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Sleep apnea is a common condition that affects as many as 18 million people around the world. Because the condition is so common, many people do not take it seriously or do not even know that they are experiencing sleep apnea. A sleep test conducted by a doctor’s office can confirm if you have sleep apnea and help you find a treatment that works for you. If you think you may be suffering from the condition, you should be aware of the symptoms and risks associated with it.

One of the most common symptoms that sleep apnea sufferers report is feeling tired and not getting enough sleep. Because you stop breathing and your body reacts and wakes you up at various times in the night, you may not be getting a good sleep because of sleep apnea.

Snoring is another common symptom of sleep apnea and although the sufferer may not be aware that he or she is snoring, a partner or family member may make them aware of it. Other common symptoms of sleep apnea include mouth breathing, morning headaches, night sweats and restlessness.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should inform your doctor and ask to have a sleep study done. Sleep apnea can be a sign of other health problems including congestive heart failure.

While sleep apnea can effect anyone, even children, there are several risk factors that make people more likely to suffer from it. Excess weight, age, family history, asthma, smoking and nasal congestion can all cause sleep apnea.

Some people only suffer from sleep apnea occasionally, and others suffer from it every night or anytime they sleep. The danger comes when the body fails to respond to the lack of oxygen and does not alert the sufferer to wake up. If the sufferer does not wake up or breathe, he or she could die in his or her sleep.

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