SLAYER, BASSHOLE, LOLWTF, and Other Banned Vanity Plates

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Well this is just hilarious.

Government Attic has been hard at work open-records-requesting states across our great country to divulge their lists of banned license plates.

And it's just as much fun as you would imagine.

Many states have caught on to you kids and your internetting. In Arizona, you can't get a vanity plate that reads "LOLWTF." Also prohibited - ROFLMAO.

If you look deeper into the data request for Arizona, let's say, you find their general rules and regulation regarding what's prohibited. Terms that connote breast, genitalia, buttocks, sexual functions, and eliminatory functions are banned - to nobody's surprise. But banning a term for "superiority" is kind of strange. I guess that's why you can't register the plate "ALEXFU," even if Alex deserved it.

You also can't call yourself a "BADBICH" or a "BAMF." You can't even call yourself the "BESTLAY."

Some of the banned plate tags are perplexing, others are just damn funny.

We're looking at you, "BLZDEEP."

You can check out each state here or download a huge PDF with all the banned plates for about 20 states here.

[via BoingBoing] [Photo via Miss Shari, Flickr]
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