Skyrim Premium Edition Spotted on Amazon


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Aside from Dishonored, Bethesda doesn't have a huge title hitting store shelves this holiday season. Instead, it appears the company is preparing to offer last year's hit Skyrim in a special "Premium Edition" bundle. At least in Germany, that is.

Over on the listing for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now includes photos of a premium edition version box art for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It also includes the photo seen above, showing off what will come with the premium edition of the game. The price for the premium edition is listed as 60 Euros and the release date is listed as December 7. The North American Amazon website still only lists the standard and collector's editions of Skyrim, but it shouldn't be long before Bethesda officially announces this new re-release.

It appears, based on the photo and the translated Amazon page, that the new offer will include a Skyrim t-shirt, bonus disc, art cards, map of Tamriel, and a copy of Infernal City: An Elder Scrolls Novel by Greg Keyes. The events in the novel take place between those in Oblivion and Skyrim, involving a floating city called Umbriel. The bonus disc includes developer documentaries, trailers, and walkthroughs, as well as a few songs from the Skyrim soundtrack.

If you've put off playing Skyrim, this package might be the motivation you need to pick up the title. Skyrim recently swept the U.K.'s Golden Joystick Awards, winning the categories Ultimite Game of the Year, Best RPG, and Best Moment for meeting Paarthurnax at the Throat of the World.