Skyrim Barbie Breaks It Down


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The pictures of the Skyrim Barbie hit the Intertubes last week, with a post sporting the following title: Utterly Useless Dovahkiin Female Armor, and while the attractiveness of the subject is immediately apparent, the utter uselessness of such a character is, too.

While bare midriffs are indeed something that deserves a Plus 1, an unprotected torso isn't much use when you're trying to eliminate a scourge of dragons that plague the Skyrim countryside. An example of the character in question, courtesy of Artyfakes:

Skyrim Barbie

Now, there's a video, courtesy of the same Artyfakes group, and this time, it shows what Skyrim Barbie might be up to when her controlling player is logged off, or, as the YouTube description says, "What your Skyrim Avatar gets up to when your not in the room," to which, all I can say is, I hope not, especially when the subject matter switches from female to male:

While Skyrim Barbie can pull Britney Spears off, I'm not sure my Dark Elf who favors light armor over the heavy stuff would look quite as good as the lovely lady in the video; although, it might look better than the second half of the Skyrim Barbie video when the male version takes over.

Over at the Artyfakes Facebook page, the reaction to Skyrim Barbie is positive, although, as Zach said when I shared this with him, "Skyrim gets the weirdest fan shit." Or, in the words of Chris Butcher, who offered the following comment on Artyfake's Facebook page:

NOOOOOO Damn you! Damn you to all the Hel's!

It should be noted Butcher's comment seems to be in jest, fitting the overall mood of Artyfakes' followers. With that in mind, what would you do if you logged on to Skyrim and found the character you've been grinding up is suddenly freak-dancing to Britney Spears? Is that the appropriate time to start over from scratch, complete with a character redesign?