'Sister Wives' Family Wins Court Case

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The Sister Wives family--Kody Brown and his four wives--Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn--can now legally live as a polygamist family in the state of Utah.

"It is with a great pleasure this evening that I can announce the final decision of United States District Court Judge Clarke Waddoups on the last remaining count in the Sister Wives case," Kody Brown's attorney, Jonathan Turley, posted on his blog on Thursday.

The family was involved in a polygamy law case that meant they couldn't legally live in their Utah home.

"He has now ruled for the Browns in what is now a clear sweep on all counts," Turley wrote, "that state officials (notably prosecutor Jeffrey R. Buhman) violated the constitutional rights of the Brown family in years of criminal investigation and public accusations."

"With the earlier decision, families like the Browns can now be both plural and legal in the state of Utah," he added. "The court specifically struck down language criminalizing cohabitation -- the provision that is used to prosecute polygamists. ... Judge Waddoups reaffirmed the independence of our courts and stood against open prejudice and hostility toward plural families."

Sister Wives star and family head, Kody Brown, gave the following statement to his lawyer for posting publicly.

"While we know that many people do not approve of plural families, it is our family and based on our religious beliefs. Just as we respect the personal and religious choices of other families, we hope that in time all of our neighbors and fellow citizens will come to respect our own choices as part of this wonderful country of different faiths and beliefs," Brown said.

The Sister Wives family might not want to start celebrating just yet, however. It seems Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes hasn't yet decided if he will appeal the judge's ruling.

"The attorney general's office is currently reviewing Judge Waddoups' ruling of Brown v. Herbert and will make final determination of whether or not to appeal one or more of the issues in the decision within the coming weeks," his statement read. "It is important to legally assess the ruling's scope and how it will impact future litigation."

What do you think about polygamy? Is it right for a man to have more than one wife? Will Judge Waddoups' ruling mean even more polygamist families will lay down roots in Utah?

Season five of Sister Wives premiered on TLC in June.

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