Simon Cowell Shares Pics Of His Baby Boy

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Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman received the ultimate Valentine's Day gift this year.

On February 14, 2014, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, Eric, whose full name is Eric Selig Phillip Cowell, after Simon's father who passed away in 1999. "I look at him, Eric, and I think of my Dad all the time, so it's a really good thing," Simon said, during an interview with Extra.

Simon shared the news of his son's birth, via Twitter, and later added several photos of his new pride and joy. Now, nearly three months later, Simon is, once again, sharing photos of his little man.

Simon first informed his followers that Eric was happy and healthy, and then he proceeded to share a series of three pictures. The first shows Eric laying in Lauren's lap wearing a striped onesie and covered in a blanket.

The second picture shows little Eric holding himself up, leaning against the back of the couch. There is no denying that Eric resembles his father, and it appears that Simon thinks so too. He captioned the photo by saying: "Very handsome like his dad."

The third, and final, picture showed Lauren holding Eric, with them staring into each other's eyes. Simon simply captioned this photo by saying: "Mum and Eric."

Many people were skeptical about how Simon would handle the responsibilities of fatherhood; however, Simon said he was born to be a father. "I held him within five minutes of him being born," Simon said. "I actually said to Lauren beforehand, 'What if I like the dogs more than him?' And she said, 'You're gonna be absolutely fine.' And then literally within seconds of him being born, I got it!" He added: "I was born to be a dad!"

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