Sienna Miller Cut From Johnny Depp's Whitey Bulger Film, 'Black Mass'

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Sienna Miller'a role in Johnny Depp's upcoming Whitey Bulger film, Black Mass, has been cut. Director Scott Cooper explained that while the American Sniper star was "fantastic" alongside Johnny Depp and a slew of A-listers including Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton, and Corey Stoll--that the character she played simply didn't carry enough weight to remain in the film.

Playing the role of one of Whitey Bulger's girlfriends, Sienna Miller's part was cut because his life on the run with the girlfriend weren't nearly as dramatic as the time period featured in other scenes.

Sienna Miller spoke about the upcoming role last year in an interview with The Boston Globe.

"The accent was something I really focused on because playing someone from Southie, you don't want to mess that up. Hopefully I've managed to pull that off, although I think everyone's like, 'How can you be English and think you can do that?'" she said at the time.

Despite being cut, Sienna Miller had nothing but great things to say about her time on the Black Mass set. She mentioned that she had an "amazing time working with Johnny Depp, who I think is extraordinary and Scott Cooper, the director, who's made some amazing films as well."

Black Mass opens in theaters nationwide on September 18. Do you have plans to see this film based on mobster Whitey Bulger's life?

Are you now disappointed to learn Sienna Miller got cut from the film?

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