Sid Caeser, Legend Of Sketch Comedy, Dies At Age 91


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Sid Caesar was one of the first comedic actors to take part in the act of sketch comedy, which has become such a popular way to make people laugh. He was essentially the founder of the brand of comedy, and changed television comedy forever.

With the death of Sid Caesar at the age of 91, the world of comedy has lost another legend, and he will be forever remembered for the influence that he has had on other comedy actors and shows.

Saturday Night Live is certainly one of the biggest examples of something that is influenced by the brand of the comedy that Caesar can be credited for starting. Despite the fact that the show started decades ago, many people continue to watch it, and producers keep the show relevant by constantly changing cast.

He started his career while working with some of the great legends of the comedy genre, including Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, and Woody Allen.

When speaking about Sid Caesar and his strength as a comedy actor, veteran actor and director Carl Reiner said "From my vantage point, which was sometimes no further than an inch from his face, and one time nose on nose, he was inarguably the greatest pantomimist, monologist and single sketch comedian who ever worked in television."

Caesar's first comedy-variety show was called The Admiral Broadway Revue, and premiered in 1949, although he was most well-known for his second effort in 1950, which was Your Show Of Shows.

Sid Caesar's Your Show Of Shows lasted for 90 minutes, and consisted of skits, revues, pantomime and satire that his audience found funny, and they were also able to easily relate to the situations. His comedy style would often expose the truths of everyday life, and he had said that real life is the true comedy.

Following his time as a big television star, he also starred in some hit comedy films. He appeared in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, as well as two of Mel Brooks' classics: The History Of The World: Part 1, and Silent Movie.

While he may not be known to too many younger fans of his genre, the work that he did in his time is incredibly important, and should be continually remembered. Caesar also worked with some of the greatest of his genre, and likely had an influence on many others.

Sid Caesar was born in 1922 in Yonkers, New York, and he was the third son of an Austrian-born restaurant owner and his Russian-born wife.

Image via Wikimedia Commons