Sia "Chandelier" Music Video Drops


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Songwriter and talented vocalist Sia Furler is back again with new single “Chandelier”. After gifting Rihanna “Diamonds” and teaming up with David Guetta for “Titanium”, someone finally convinced her to keep a bit of magic for herself.

“Chandelier” is magical.

After weeks of waiting, we finally have the official music video for the song.

The video starts off in an empty room and eventually we are moved down a dark hallway.

What is this place? An abandoned motel? You get a sense of decay and hopelessness, that something terrible has happened or will happen.

It’s a very eerie setting that seems to set the tone of the video before any music actually begins.

Then suddenly….a wild Sia appears!

Okay, it’s not actually Sia. It's a young dancer with a haircut that is reminiscent of the singer.

The young girl's movements are both graceful and disturbing. She comes across as a young Alice that stayed in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter just a wee bit too long.

The impression is heightened by the bizarre expression on the face of the young dancer who curtsies three times at the close of the song and then stands there awkwardly when the song is over.

When it’s over, it’s hard to tell if we’re viewing a child who is talented and imaginative, or just really really bored, or perhaps has gone absolutely insane after being left in this strange place by their family some time ago.

The song gives a sense of emotional and intellectual abandonment which is certainly reflected in the video. It's also a bit nostalgic for any child that when given the opportunity to be by themselves in a new place exploring and having fun. Although, the mood would have been decidedly less ominous and mentally disturbing.

In any case, "Chandelier" a great song and you should definitely check out the music video!

Images via YouTube