Should You Move Your eCommerce Store From Wix to Shopify?

Selling commerce online is continually becoming more popular but one important factor is finding the right e-commerce site to use....
Should You Move Your eCommerce Store From Wix to Shopify?
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Online commerce has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years. Experts attribute this to the world’s unstable epidemiological situation. It’s also worth noting that, for example, running an online store costs 30% less than selling goods in a physical store. Aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs frequently build commercial websites on the Wix platform. The latter has a simple interface and generates a plethora of options.

    However, Wix is unsuitable for any e-commerce site. After some time, online sellers who want to improve their website ranking in search engines move their shops to other platforms. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform among business owners. Vendors typically contact verified IT companies, such as Cart2Cart, to move data. If an unchecked enterprise handles the information transfer from Wix to Shopify, the ecommerce store’s efficiency may suffer as a result of the migration. As a result, the seller’s income will be lower.

    Advantages of Shopify-Powered Websites

    The platform is extremely user-friendly. Shopify functions similarly to any other website builder. However, the platform also allows its users to improve their online resources by using a special PHP script. Customers should, however, contact a programmer with Shopify coding experience if they want to improve their website in this manner. Furthermore, e-vendors highlight the following Shopify benefits: a large selection of add-ons — the plugins can be found within the branded store; integrating the social networks option — by linking, for example, a Facebook or Amazon page to their online shops, the sellers can significantly increase the sales level; strong client support — additionally, the Shopify developers offer detailed training materials on the platform use; ability of an abandoned cart function —

    Furthermore, it is important to note the fast Shopify site. It is caused by the use of optimized page codes. E-vendors can learn more about the Shopify platform’s benefits by visiting sites like

    Why Are e-Sellers Leaving Wix?

    To begin, it is important to note that the platform employs conditionally “invisible” technologies for search engine pages. In a couple of Ajax developments, the latter are based on JavaScript. Despite the fact that search engines can now read and index dynamically displayed content, there are still issues with some browsers (due to technical limitations).

    Preferences for Search Engines Absence

    Wix sites are difficult to promote in highly competitive online requests. It’s due to the platform’s technical capabilities. The only way to improve the website’s search engine ranking is to use third-party online services. Users can improve SEO indicators by improving graphics and text content by using Wix inbuilt functions and branded plugins.

    Coding Problems Can Cause Site Speed Errors

    The Wix platform provides users with a plethora of unique website templates. It should also be noted that a large number of different plugins are available. This opens up numerous possibilities for website customization. Despite this, users do not have the option of self-technical eCommerce improvement. As a result, many unnecessary elements may be present in the code of the pages. Furthermore, it has the potential to significantly slow down the site.

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