Should I Send This Email? [Infographic]

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Email at work can slow your day down like mad. Inbox overload is a huge problem in offices around the world, even if all your email is legitimate business mail.

If you are still getting old-school spam, have a talk with your IT department or look for a solution to that for your small business. But, Viagra spam aside, there are tons of things that get mailed around every day that get in the way of your workflow.

Some of these are email lists you've opted in to. Some you may not even be aware of. Do you need to be on that list? Does it come to you multiple times a day? Is there an option for a daily digest? Can you even get rid of it entirely, opting instead for an RSS feed, perhaps?

But, some pieces of mail come from colleagues who have found something funny they want to pass along. Should you send this kind of mail at work?

Perhaps this infographic will come in handy when making that decision. Be sure to email it to everyone you know.

Email Overload
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