Short Hills Mall Shooting - Lawyer Shot To Death

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Sunday evening ended up being a horror film for a husband and wife from Hoboken, New Jersey. Dustin and his wife Jamie Schare Friedland, both graduates of Syracuse University’s law program, were shopping at Short Hills Mall.

The attack happened while they were in the parking garage getting ready to leave. Dustin had opened the passenger door of their 2012 silver Range Rover for his wife, and walked around to the driver’s side when 2 assailants asked for his keys. Apparently he refused according to witnesses who spoke with the Daily News.

When Dustin resisted, four shots were fired, one of which mortally wounded him, police said.

Jamie Friedland commented later that one of the criminals came to her side of the car, demanding she get out. She got a really good look at him.

Dustin Freidland died in the hospital, with his wife at his side just a few hours later. Heartbroken relatives described Freidland as a calm and sensible man who would walk away from violence if possible.

Mall general manager Michael McAvinue said in an email Monday: "We were shocked and saddened by the incident that took place last night at Short Hills. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families involved. Our shopping center is working closely with local law enforcement to support their efforts with this tragic incident."

Law agencies created a multi-agency task force due to the rise in crime in Essex County and surrounding area. Its borders are close to the high-crime area of Newark, and carjacking’s have risen dramatically in the past few years. Nearly 300 carjacking’s were reported through July 31 of this year, according to the county prosecutor's office. In August, authorities announced a program that uses billboards to display mug shots of convicted carjackers next to the number of years they are serving in federal prison.

Investigators suspect the Friedlands were targeted by members of a carjacking ring who were after his Range Rover SUV. It is valued at approximately $70,000.

That stolen vehicle was recovered Monday morning in Newark, abandoned. Police hope the evidence found in the vehicle will lead them to the killers, and soon.

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