Shirley MacLaine Opens Up About Rat Pack Crush

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Shirley MacLaine has had a long and successful career spanning several mediums, but a lot of people might not know that she was in tight with the infamous Rat Pack, a group of celebrity bad boys whose names were always in the headlines back in the day.

The group--Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop--was pretty exclusive, but the boys had an affinity for MacLaine. She sat down recently for an interview, where she talked about her connection to Marilyn Monroe, her relationship with the Rat Pack, and which member she had a crush on.

The actress says she was the one who picked up after the guys and answered the door for them, but she also never held her tongue when it came time to tell them the truth about things, and she believes that's why they loved her.

MacLaine recently received the coveted Kennedy Center Honors for her work on film and stage and was celebrated--along with Billy Joel and Santana, among others--by President Obama earlier this month.

“I thought it was terrific. I thought it was about time. I thought it was a tribute what I’ve done, but also it’s a welcome home. It’s more about my life and my past and my background and my home and my parents and dancing and work ethic,” she said of the award. “This is squaring the circle of living here.”

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