Shirley MacLaine Criticized After Suggesting the Holocaust Victims' Fate Was a Result of Karma

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Shirley MacLaine is finding herself in hot water with anti-Semitic groups for comments she made about the Holocaust in her book, What If....

In her book, Shirley MacLaine questions whether the victims of the Holocaust might be responsible for their own fate because of Karma.

"What if most Holocaust victims were balancing their karma from ages before, when they were Roman soldiers putting Christians to death, the Crusaders who murdered millions in the name of Christianity, soldiers with Hannibal, or those who stormed across the Near East with Alexander?" she asks in the book. "The energy of killing is endless and will be experienced by the killer and the killee."

A spokesman for the Community Security Trust, a group that campaigns against anti-Semitism, said her suggestions are highly offensive.

"The first impressions are that these comments will offend and bemuse many Jews – and many others," the spokesperson said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shirley MacLaine has a long history of espousing New Age beliefs, including her beliefs in UFOs, reincarnation and out-of-body experiences.

As the title suggests, MacLaine's book, which was published in November 2013, covers a wide-range of topics beginning with the phrase, "what if"... and ending with her theory of what might have occurred and usually has something to do with her belief in reincarnation.

For example, she suggests Stephen Hawking's long battle with ALS is a result of something he may have done in a past life.

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