Shirley Bassey Calls Out Almost Nude Stars

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Shirley Bassey is coming down like a ton of bricks on young starlets who are willing to bare almost everything for attention.

Shirley Bassey knows a thing or two about class and being sexy at the same time.

In her heyday, Shirley Bassey was the original diva. Her singer career has spanned nearly six decades and her experience says that these girls should be working on their talent, not trying to out-raunch each other on the red carpet.

“It’s like they’re all in competition with each other for who can wear the skimpiest outfit. In my day it was for the stage only, you didn’t go out looking like that."

Shirley Bassey called out one female star, in particular. I'm sure you can guess who that could have been.


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She said, “When I saw the Met Ball, excuse me, when I saw Rihanna’s gown. I think you have to leave some things to the imagination. Yes, my gowns were sexy, with a cut-out and a slit here, but I didn’t show everything.”

Dat One Time At The Met

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She added, “These girls are talented singers – they don’t need that but they feel they do. That’s the sad thing about it. Go in the studio and sing your heart out, get a vocal coach and strengthen your vocal cords.”

It's true, I guess. The likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus do seem to be constantly battling one another for shock value.

Adult swim oh yeah

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What do you think? Do you agree with Dame Shirley Bassey in her assessment of the modern young star or do you think that they are simply expressing themselves in their own way?

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