Shazam Increases Super Bowl Viewer Engagement


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Thanks to Shazam’s media discovery app, viewer engagement with this year’s Super Bowl hit record levels. For this years Super Bowl Shazam partnered with numerous advertisers to drive user interaction with all aspects of the game.

Viewers with the Shazam app installed on their smartphone or tablet could use it during ads, the halftime show, and even the game to interact in a variety of ways. Advertisers allowed viewers to use Shazam to enter sweepstakes, unlock exclusive content, and even donate to charity. During the game they could use Shazam to view real-time statistics, participate in polls, and vote for their favorite ads. For the halftime show, the app allowed users to access Madonna’s set list, participate in a music giveaway, and download music and apps from all the artists featured in the show.

Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, said that the level of fan engagement surpassed their already high expectations, as Shazam logged millions of tags during the game. Fisher said that Shazam’s “mission is to amaze and enhance people’s world by empowering them to discover, experience, and share the content they want.” He also said that Shazam is “delighted with the response to using Shazam for an enhanced experience at this year’s Big Game.” Given the success that Shazam enjoyed during the game this year, we can probably expect to see similar programs in the future, perhaps with a wide variety of television events, sporting and otherwise.

What do you think? Did you use Shazam during the Super Bowl this year? What did you think of the experience? Let us know in the comments.