Sharon Osbourne Leaving "America's Got Talent"

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Sharon Osbourne is well-known to be loud and forceful with her opinions (except, perhaps, when it comes to sending contestants away on "America's Got Talent"), and she's not going to let a little contract stand in the way of quitting the network she believes has done her son wrong.

NBC, according to Osbourne, fired Jack from their upcoming show "Stars Earn Stripes" after it was publicly announced that he's suffering from MS. And while the network contends that Jack had never formally signed a contract with them, Osbourne says the show's producer sent her son an email welcoming him to their team, but after learning of his illness decided to scrap him.

The show, which is comprised of several challenging fitness tests, had Jack and the other contestants complete a 30-mile, 16-hour endurance race in January. The email was sent in May confirming his participation, and in June he broke the story about his illness. Two days later, he was cut from the show via email.

Producer David Hurwitz said, "Unfortunately, because of the strains and the rigors of not only the show, but also our intense shooting schedule, it was best not to go with him at this time."

Osbourne thinks they cut him solely on the knowledge that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis rather than a factor that would keep him from being able to compete. She thinks that having Jack compete would be the best thing for him and for others suffering from the disease, as they can see that there don't have to be limits in life.

Although she is under contract with "America's Got Talent", there is nothing in it that will force her to stay. She will, however, be unable to judge on another show for five years. When she announced the news via Twitter, some fans thought that perhaps the rocker mom had finally had enough of Howard Stern's mouth, but she insists that Howard has nothing to do with it.

"I just can't be fake," she said. "It's discrimination, and it was badly handled."

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