Serena Williams Is Dating Reddit's Alexis Ohanian, Apparently

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Serena Williams and Drake? Nah. Apparently, the tennis superstar has found love in a much more unlikely place – reddit.

We turn to US Weekly for the exclusive report. According to the gossip mag, Serena Williams is now dating reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Let's dive in:

Although Williams, 34, was recently linked to Drake, a second source says it was simply a “flirty friendship.” Now, the tennis pro is making love part of her routine, bringing her new guy, 32, to her workout at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics on Saturday, Oct. 24. Says an onlooker, “He called her babe and they held hands.”

Ohanian has even been getting into her sport of choice. Says the source, “He said he’d never been into tennis until they started dating!”

Well, they must've been dating for some time, US Weekly. Here's Ohanian singing Serena Williams' praises back in May.

What to believe, what to believe?

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