Selfies at Historic Places Receive a Special Tumblr


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I think we’re all guilty of taking a selfie here or there. But would you be the person to take a selfie at a funeral? Or maybe even a male restroom with other guys standing at urinals? These are extreme examples, but it seems that some people aren't shy about capturing pictures at fairly inappropriate locations.

Now there is a Tumblr dedicated to the people who have shamelessly taken pictures at questionable locals. Jason Feifer, who is a senior editor at Fast Company, created the Tumblr after he witnessed people taking selfies at the Anne Frank Memorial site in Amsterdam.

After doing further research, he found that by typing keywords such as “selfie” linked with serious locations such as the Holocaust graveyard and the 9/11 memorial site, images appeared displaying people, who generally appeared to be young adults, indulging in selfies.

Our concern should now be on the desensitization that has occurred. Twenty years ago, would it ever have been appropriate to take a picture (granted it probably would have been in Polaroid format) at the Anne Frank Memorial with a delighted grin on your face? Would that be something you would frame and share with others or hang on your refrigerator for your guest to gaze upon?

It would appear that we may have to attribute the rapid rate of desensitization with the advent of social media and the way it has become a part of our daily lives. Nonetheless, shouldn’t social responsibility exist? Shouldn’t we all hold ourselves to certain standards and boundaries to which we would never cross or fall beneath?

At the very least, all we can do is hope that more people will take the less moronic route of selfie posting and just take pictures at the beach or park and refrain from smiling or “duck lipping” at locations that have possibly been the product or catalyst of catastrophic events.