Selena Gomez Dumps All Her Instagram Friends


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Amid rumors that she may be renewing her relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez this week purged her Instagram account, unfollowing every person she had previously been following.

Gomez' Instagram tantrum may have had something to do with a recently reported fallout with Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner of the infamous Kardashian clan. A TMZ report holds that the 21-year-old singer/actress has ditched the Jenner sisters after a bad experience at this year's Cocahella music festival.

The report states that Gomez has decided the drugs, alcohol, and weirdos that follow the Jenners around are not for her. In fact, TMZ's unnamed sources have said that the actress now considers the Jenners "a toxic distraction" and that Gomez claims to be re-focusing her life on her singing career.

The Jenners were among the large number of people Gomez unfollowed on Instagram, but those girls were treated to a special honor. The two were revised out of Gomez's Instagram history, with past pictures of Gomez and the Jenners together removed from the account completely.

The drastic purge doesn't mean Gomez is done with Instagram for good. The actress this week has posted several new pics to her account, including one that shows several Mary J. Blige lyrics from an album review. The quotes could demonstrate that the singer is doing a bit of growing up and learning to deal with the difficulties fame brings.

This is certainly not the first time that Gomez has been at the center of relationship drama and it appears unlikely to be last. In addition to her widely-publicized on-again, off-again relationship with singer Justin Bieber, Gomez just last month was embroiled in some sort of spat with pop star Taylor Swift. The friendship reportedly split over Gomez's behavior surrounding a renewed relationship with Bieber - something that Swift evidently does not approve of.

Image via Wikimedia Commons