Selena Gomez Talks Trust Issues, Reveals Former Crush

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Selena Gomez sat down for an interview recently with radio host Elvis Duran and talked about why it's hard for her to trust anyone, and she also revealed a surprising tidbit from her past about who she used to crush on.

Gomez says that she finds it hard to accept when people tell her they only want her to be happy, because no matter what she does, her actions are put under a microscope.

"People are like, 'We want you to be better!'... And everybody's like, 'I want you to be healthy, I want you to be happy, I want you to be this.' And then the moment you're trying to find some sort of happiness, it's so crazy. It's not safe for anyone! You can't talk about anything that you want to share with people because it's going to be ripped apart, and that's what makes me really sad... I have a right to say what I'm going to say," Gomez said. "It is unfortunate, and you have to be guarded... I don't trust anyone... It's something that I have to live with and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn't good for me."

Gomez is a busy lady these days; her new single, Good For You, comes after the singer/songwriter took the time to find her own strengths when it comes to music.

"For this record I wanted to find my sweet spot, if you will. I know that maybe vocally I wouldn't be the greatest singer in the world, but I know my strengths now. I know that I can translate emotion and heart, and I've written more than I've ever written on any album for this record," Selena said.

Selena says she's looking forward to getting a little older and gaining some life experience. Looking back, she remembers what it was like to be young and knowing she had a definitive plan for her life, and like most of us, it's all changed.

"I thought that I had everything figured out. I was like, 'Great! So I'll get married at like 20, I'll have kids at like 23,' which is next month. So I had all of this like life planned out because that's what you do, you're like drawing names on books, at the time it was Jesse McCartney that I was obsessed with! I hear my thirties are going to be good! I think that's the idea. The older you get, the more wisdom you gain, the more life experience you gain, and that's what I want," Selena Gomez said.

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