Sega To Release Retro Themed Notebook PCs In March


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Sega bowed out of the hardware race in 2001 after the Dreamcast couldn't keep up with Sony's PlayStation 2. Since then, fans have prophesied the return of Sega hardware every September 9 in honor of the Dreamcast's original release date of September 9, 1999. Finally, after 13 years of waiting, Sega fans can get their hands on some Sega hardware once again next month.

No, it's not a new console, but Sega is releasing a number of notebook PCs with interchangeable covers inspired by the company's past. There are covers for the Sega Mega Driver (Genesis), Saturn, Dreamcast and just a regular blue Sega cover.

The notebook PCs are only being made available in Japan for now. There will also be four models with varying specs ranging from decent to really good. The premium PC will retail for 194,250 yen, or $2,094 USD. For that price, you'll get the 64-bit version of Windows 8, an Intel Core i7, 120 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GT650M GPU.

The computers will also ship with custom Sega themes and system sound effects. Fans have probably already made a collection of retro Sega system sounds, but hey, these are official.

Check out all the skins below:

Sega Retro PCs

Sega Retro PCs

Sega Retro PCs

Sega Retro PCs

I'm saddened by the lack of a Master System skin. The red/black color scheme would look awesome on a notebook PC.

[h/t: Eurogamer]