Seasonal Allergies Going Bonkers? Blame Weather

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One moment it's reasonably warm, giving you all the hope against hope in the world that spring might come early. The next day, it's below freezing. Such has been the crazy weather over the past couple of weeks.

If that weren't bad enough, you may find that your seasonal allergy symptoms show up and disappear without warning.

Don't think you're going crazy; there's a good chance your symptoms are linked to the rising and dropping temperatures.

Around 36 million people in the United States have to put up with seasonal allergies every year. What should be a time to enjoy warm weather (when those annoying gnats aren't flying in your face...) becomes a season associated with sneezing, itching, watery red eyes, and embarrassingly runny noses.

As you may or may not know, this seasonal allergies are typically blamed on pollen. Thanks to our particularly wet winter season, medical experts like Dr. Mark Schecker thinks it will be particularly bad this year.

The reason people are seeing symptoms come and go almost overnight has to do with the cold temperatures delaying the pollination that brings with it terrible seasonal allergy symptoms.

For the bursts of warm weather that may have triggered these allergy symptoms, Dr. Schecker recommends over the counter treatment options such as Claratin, Zyrtec, Allegra and nose sprays.

These are generally recommended for the more mild symptoms people may be experiencing. Anything too severe might require a prescription.

Sooner rather than later, Old Man Winter will be headed on vacation. What can sufferers do to cope once we get hit will spring season full on?

Some allergy sufferers have abandoned OTC treatments and prescriptions altogether, seeking relief from natural herbal supplements and home remedies. If this is you, then remember to do your research. Some items may be natural in orgin, but they can still cause dangerous allergic reactions.

Whatever you do, don't let seasonal allergies get in the way of finally enjoying some warm weather.

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