Search Tips to Make You a Better Googler


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Here you will find the top 20 tips for mastering searches on Google. There are several tricks here that will give you completely different search result, so use them wisely or not at all. And be sure to share them with fellow Googlers. You will impress everyone in the room when you find that stupid cat video no one else could.

Some of the tips are intuitive, and some of them you probably already knew. Like, you may have already known that search results are not case-sensitive, or that putting quotes around a word searches for that word specifically, but there are some gems in here that could make search results much more beneficial.

For instance, I had no idea that google would look up only files of a certain type by entering "filetype:" before the three letter extension. I probably should have known that, but I didn't. I also didn't know that Google has the ability to find website similar to ones that you frequent. By typing "related:" before a search with a ".com" (or .net, or .gov, etc), you can find websites similar to the one you entered.

You can also use Google to search for results within a given site. They us the example of Just place the word "site:" before your search, to find only results within Reddit.

And so on. There are lots of examples and cool tricks to discover for maximum relevance in your Google searches. For some this may just be a refresher course, but to the average internet user, this is key to a better understanding of how Google works and how it can work for you.