Sean Penn Spotted Kissing Beautiful Young Blonde At Chicago Steakhouse

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Is Sean Penn currently dating a younger woman? The actor-humanitarian was reportedly spotted kissing a “beautiful young blonde” at a Chicago restaurant last week.

The actor arrived at Chicago Cut Steakhouse together with his much younger companion, who, according to onlookers, was probably in her early 20s. The pair shared an intimate dinner “near a window in full view. Many public kisses were shared,” a source revealed.

“He came in with no reservation so he was not pretentious or trying to set it up or making sure he was incognito – he literally walked right in,” an insider told People.

Penn and his date reportedly ordered “oysters, a sea bass, and a steak, and then they both had dessert and hot tea,” and onlookers agree that the two were “very romantic with one another.”

The 55-year-old actor posed for a photograph with the restaurant’s hostess after his dinner, but left when guests started asking to take photos with him.

According to Page Six, Penn was also seen this week at Chicago bar Phyllis’ Musical Inn, which resulted in rumors that he has a girlfriend in the area. Penn’s camp has yet to confirm the reports.

Sean Penn and ex-girlfriend Charlize Theron broke up last year. There were reports that the award-winning actor and Theron were engaged, and many thought they were going to end up together since there was a rumor that he was planning to adopt her second child. He previously married Robyn Wright in 1996 but split up with her in 2010.

His relationship with Madonna is perhaps the most publicized as the two remain “good friends.” The pop icon recently expressed her love for Sean Penn at a charity event back in January.

“I want to say Sean, I love you, from the moment that I laid eyes on you,” Madonna said during a speech at charity event in California.

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