Sean Penn Defends El Chapo Article After Actress Says Parts Of It Are Untrue

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Sean Penn, who wrote an article for Rolling Stone earlier this year about his encounter with former alleged drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is now defending the piece after actress Kate del Castillo revealed in interviews that there are false accounts in the story.

The actress (Weeds, Jane The Virgin) says that Penn wrote in his article that the two of them encountered a military checkpoint on their way to meet Guzman and were waved through because they were traveling with one of his sons; however, she says, that never happened. The popular Mexican actress claims they didn't go through any checkpoints at all, in fact.

But Sean Penn says differently. The actor and activist said in a statement that his article tells the whole, true story, and that del Castillo is simply trying to distance herself from the story due to the fact that El Chapo has been captured after living as a fugitive following his escape from prison last July.

"I stand by my piece. I think Kate would be happier to separate herself from recollections that inflame the Mexican government at this point," Penn said.

Rumors have been floating around that Penn and del Castillo met with El Chapo to gain his consent to make a movie about his life, but it's unclear what the details are surrounding that story. Del Castillo claims she had no idea Penn was writing an article about their meeting until the last minute, while Penn says she knew all along.

"This was not how I was expecting the night to be. But at the moment I thought, Maybe we can base the movie on this article," the actress said.

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