Scumbag Steve Debuts Scumbaggy Rap

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In the annals of internet memedom, it's hard to find a more widely used and recognized meme than Scumbag Steve. He's the guy that asks for a ride and then spends the entire time dissing your car. He's the guy who asks if he can borrow money and takes a year to pay it back. He's the guy who sleeps with your sister and won't shut up about it.

Basically, Scumbag Steve is used to express any sort of behavior that's, well, scumbaggy. Not only is the now-ubiquitous image of Steve in his sideways fitted hat and furry coat an internet staple, but that legnedary hat is shopped on images to give anything "scumbag status." Scumbag brain, scumbag congress, scumbag Google Chrome - almost anything can achieve it.

Here's a good sampling of the Scumbag Steve meme, courtesy of KnowYourMeme:


After shooting to quick infamy online, Scumbag Steve was identified as 21-year-old Blake Boston. He apparently has a pretty good sense of humor and according to his blog...

Hey I’m Blake Boston aka Scumbag Steve. The meme, What ever the f*ck that is. Ya, it’s really me. Im down with the meme. Like I had a choice?

He says that his mom snapped the famous picture during a photo class. He was 15 or 16 when it was taken.

Looking to capitalize on his internet fame a little more, Blake Boston has just dropped a rap titled "Scumbag Steve Overture." What can I say? It's not great. As one YouTuber put it: "Who just killed his own f*cking meme? Scumbag Steve, Scumbag Steve." You'll start reading that comment in a melodic fashion after listening to the rap below (NSFW):

Well, at least he's not bitter about being the butt of a giant internet joke. If you want to see more of the real Scumbag Steve (if), you can check out this interview he did last year.

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