Scotty McCreery Fall Spurs Twitter Laughter [Video]

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Scotty McCreery, last year's winner of American Idol, is a real trooper. When he fell of the stage during a concert last week, the country singer jumped back up on stage and continued his show. Watch below as McCreery takes a tumble into some of his fans:

McCreery even had a sense of humor about the event. The singer tweeted out some footage of the event to all of his 615,000 Twitter followers:

McCreery wasn't the only person who got a kick out of his klutzy fall. Country star Brad Paisley, who McCreery is currently touring with, decided to make a joke out of the situation in a subsequent show by putting traffic cones and warning tape around the edge of the stage. McCreery also Tweeted a picture of Paisley's joke to his Twitter account:

McCreery's fans were very supportive, laughing at the singer's misfortune but also being supportive with stories of their own falls admonishments to be careful:

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