Scott Walker: White House Ambitions Threatened By Scandal

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Is it just me or does every Republican White House hopeful seem to be in the midst of a political scandal at the moment?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was accused by John Doe prosecutors of involvement in an alleged scheme to coordinate activities among multiple campaign organizations. This fact came to the attention of the public on Thursday after court documents were unsealed that mentioned the politician by name.

The released documents also revealed that motions were filed to suppress subpoenas issued against the the Wisconsin Club for Growth and Eric O’Keefe, the club’s director.

The group claims that the investigation into Walker and his allies' campaign activities is "politically motivated".

Special prosecutor Francis Schmitz responded by providing what he himself described as a “detailed summary” about the accusations against the Wisconsin governor and his allies.

Schmitz wrote that the “investigation focuses on a wide-ranging scheme to coordinate activities of several organizations with various candidate committees.”

The special prosecutor also emphasized that the accusations were based on facts rather than politics.

Alleigh Marre, spokeswoman for Walker’s campaign, has responded to media inquiries about the scandal by saying that judges have effectively halted the investigation into the embattled governor's campaign activities.

Marre issued the following statement:

The Friends of Scott Walker campaign are not party to the federal suit and have no control over any documents in that suit. Two judges have rejected the characterizations disclosed in those documents.

The investigation hit a snag in January when Reserve Judge Gregory Peterson sided with the accused. Peterson said that prosecutors lacked “probable cause” to demonstrate that “any violations of campaign finance laws” had occurred. The subpoenas were then voided and all seized properties were ordered to be returned.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa denied motions to dismiss O’Keefe’s complaint in January.

Despite the rulings, attempts to investigate Walker for violating campaign laws are ongoing. This is something his opponents will no doubt routinely bring up should he consider making a run for president.

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