Scott Disick Becomes a Daddy Again. But Will He Drink to That?

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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have just welcomed their third child into the world, a baby boy. The question is: Will this latest addition to the Disick/Kardashian home tame the once-wild Lord Disick? Or will he simply have one more reason to slip away and hit the bottle?

Scott Disick has been known for his party-too-hard ways in front of the cameras on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the more Disick-heavy spinoff Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. In a couple of famous scenes, Kourtney told Disick to dry out or hit the bricks.

In his defense, Disick has had a rough way to go for a while. Expensive watches and Ferraris aside, the guy lost both his parents within a few months of each other. He was an only child, so the loss was pretty tough on him.

Recently, some tabloids have run with the story that Scott and Kourtney have been on the outs. Some have said that he has accused Kourtney of not supporting him after his parents died. They have even run with pictures that purport to show them arguing out in public. Other websites have used the same set of photos to show that the two are still together.

Either way, the Kris Jenner-led enterprise finds a way to take whatever attention they get and turn it into cash. Even estranged hubby Bruce Jenner is rumored to still want to get in on the money action. Some reports are saying that Jenner has met with his Kardashian step-daughters and announced to them that he wants to live as a woman. They say that he wants to get his own spinoff reality show to document his transition in a more respectful way than all the tabloid second-guessing that has been his lot for months.

As for Disick and Kourtney’s new son — for whom they have not yet released a name — there is one question:

Does the new baby get automatically added to the KUWTK payroll?

The new tyke will share a birthday with older brother Mason. He popped out on Mason’s fifth birthday.

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