Scarlett Johansson Says No Sex Symbol Title For Her

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Whether she's playing a sexy character in one of Woody Allen's films like Match Point, or whether she's kicking butt in action flicks like The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson has been driving men crazy for quite some time now.

But when it comes to being a sex symbol, the blonde actress says she doesn't care for the title at all, and when all is said and done she rather be remembered for the characters she plays, not her physical appearance.

"I don't want to be the ingenue anymore," she said. "It's nice to be glamorous, but I don't want to always be an object of desire, because it doesn't last."

Johansson said something similar in a separate interview, because for years now she's been doing her best to shy away from that sex symbol image.

"I don't like being labelled as the 'sexiest woman alive,'" she said. "As an actress I prefer to maintain the anonymity."

This month Scarlett Johansson, who's now pregnant with her first child, is on the cover of Wall Street Journal magazine, where she talks about everything from her fiance Romain Dauriac, to living in Paris for the first time.

She also talked about the pressures of being a working mom in Hollywood and said she can see why some women have troubling balancing both their family and career.

"It seems so stressful to not be able to spend time with your family because you're constantly chasing the tail of your own success," said the 29 year old. "There must exist a world in which I can balance those things, be able to raise a family and still make a film a year, or work on my own, develop things, do theater. I want to be able to have it all."

Additionally, Johansson says she envies male actors a little bit, because after they have children nobody looks at them differently, but with women actors it's the exact opposite.

"I know there will be some sacrifices," she said. "I know that's the struggle with working mothers and successful careers....With [male actors] it just doesn't happen that way. You can be every woman's fantasy, and nobody thinks twice about the fact that you have eight kids or whatever."

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