Savannah Guthrie Announces Marriage and Pregnancy


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Last year Today show host Savannah Guthrie announced that she was engaged to longtime boyfriend Mike Feldman, and over this past weekend the two walked down the aisle in Tuscson, Ariz., where Guthrie grew up.

But that's only half the story. The 42 year old is also four months pregnant. She's been keeping the news a secret, and probably wanted reveal it when she was officially married, but either way Guthrie is completely over the moon, she says.

"We are so excited, overjoyed and feel so blessed," she stated.

In addition, the 5'10" beauty said she and Feldman were planning to get married at a later date, but once they found out they were expecting, they bumped the wedding date up a bit, and Guthrie said she was relieved to tell the public about her pregnancy, because she was finding it harder and harder to hide her belly.

"We set the wedding date, I bought my dress, and then I found out," said Guthrie, as she spoke about the wedding and her pregnancy on Monday's Today show. "So I did a little praying....I feel great, and actually I'm happy to tell the world because I can't suck in this gut anymore."

According to Guthrie, her and Feldman will be having a summer baby, and the two told their wedding guest about the pregnancy during the reception.

"Savannah looked at Mike, and said, 'So should we break some news?'" an inside source revealed. "'Okay. I, we, are four months pregnant.'" It was an explosive moment. Everyone was on their feet, cheering."

Some of Guthrie's NBC colleagues were in attendance including Willie Geist, Chuck Todd, Al Roker and her Today show co-host Matt Lauer.

From 2005 to 2009, Guthrie was married to television producer Mark Orchard, and during an interview with Vogue, she alluded to the fact that her job got in the way of her first marriage, but that was never her intention, she said.

"I would never put my job before my family," noted Guthrie. "I have all the same hopes that most women have. I want to get married and have kids; it just hasn't happened."

Well, now it has happened, so mission accomplished for Ms. Guthrie. A big congrats!

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