Sarah Silverman Reportedly Brings Pot to Emmys

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It's hard to make it through any awards show without someone making a goof, whether it is Jennifer Lawrence tripping or someone's nipple popping out in a wardrobe malfunction, and last night's 2014 Emmys was no exception. This time the person who attracted some extra attention was comedian Sarah Silverman, who reportedly brought marijuana to the awards.

According to E! Online, Sarah Silverman accidentally showed off her marijuana vaporizer pen on the red carpet. During an interview with E!'s Giuliana Rancic, after discussing Silverman's cleavage, Rancic opened up the star's purse to show off its contents.

"This is my pot. Liquid pot," Silverman told Rancic after she pulled out the vaporizer pen. Check out a picture of the marijuana pen below.

While some starts might be a little embarrassed by the situation, Sarah Silverman didn't miss a beat and continue to tell Rancic about the rest of the items she had in her clutch. "This is what everything's really supposed to be in," Silverman said. "Money, lipstick, a little mirror, my license—what if I need my license?"

Check out a video of Silverman flashing her pot pen below.

Silverman went on to win an Emmy in the Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special category for We Are Miracles. On the way to retrieve her award, Silverman kicked off her shoes and ran on stage barefoot. During her acceptance speech, Silverman commented, "And we're just all made of molecules and we're hurtling through space right now." This led Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick to post the following tweet:

In case you're a little rusty on acronyms, Kendrick is saying that Sarah Silverman was "high as f***." Check out Silverman's acceptance speech below to see if you agree with Kendrick's assessment.

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