Sarah Silverman Accidentally Names Her Boyfriend's Penis, Shares On 'The Late Show'

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Funnywoman Sarah Silverman appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, and as expected, viewers were treated to a dose of her signature acerbic and bold brand of comedy.

Dressed like a sort of sexy librarian, Silverman and Colbert chatted about their shared love of jokes, among other things. She was then invited by Colbert to join him in reciting a few jokes that he found on what he claimed was one of his favorite sites, a Tumblr named “Bad Kids Jokes.”

They proceeded to read some very innocent, literal, and strangely ironic jokes that were actually written by young kids. One joke was set up with three guys on an airplane. "There were three guys on a plane. One bit into an apple, thought it was too sweet, and threw it out the window. The second guy bit into a rock," Silverman read. Visibly confounded, she went on to comment that the joke was “terrible” and “not funny.”

Colbert recited a joke about a perpetually happy man named Wilson who stopped laughing one day because he turned into a ghost. Silverman showed more appreciation for this joke and even went as far as calling it “meta.”

The second part of the interview featured an anecdote shared by Silverman about accidentally naming her boyfriend’s genitalia. The boyfriend in question is actor Michael Sheen, who stars in the period drama TV series Masters of Sex. Silverman had tweeted a joke about naming Sheen’s penis “The Great Christine Baranski” without anticipating the repercussions – she says Us Weekly published a story claiming that it was Sheen who gave his own penis the off moniker.

Sarah Silverman recently opened up about her past struggles with depression and panic attacks in an essay she wrote for Glamour magazine. In her latest film, I Smile Back, she plays a bipolar, self-harming housewife named Laney Brooks.

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