Sarah Jessica Parker Helps Bring Back Jordache Jeans

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the new face of Jordache jeans. Do you think the woman best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City can revive a brand that was popular in the 1980s?

During a recent interview with People magazine the actress talked about jeans--admitting she owns many pairs, and that some are very old.

"My first jeans were a pair that I inherited from my sister. Back in the day, when someone outgrew jeans in terms of length, my mom would just add a piece of tapestry tape to it and it would make it longer," Sarah Jessica Parker explained. "So I got those, those were hand me downs. And then when I was around 12, we moved to New York. It was a cold winter, I know my mom said I could buy a pair of jeans; or rather she was going to buy me a pair of jeans. But I don’t think they were a designer jean--I don’t think she thought I was ready for that, I think it was probably a pretty standard fare. Not Healthtex necessarily, but I think one step above because I was really, really little and really, really skinny and I never fit into anything. So I don’t know what that jean was but I remember the experience [shopping for them]."

She went on to dish about a pair of jeans she has owned since 1983.

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"We were taking some pictures of my husband and I and the kids, and we were all wearing stripes and I went to my closet and I put on a pair of jeans and I was like, I think these jeans are very, very, very, very old. And they were from 1983. And they were hilarious looking, they were super high-waisted. They’re a little paper baggy — but I really liked them. They’re a really light wash. I don’t know why I got them or how I got them, but I still have them," Sarah Jessica Parker shared.

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Can you believe Jordache jeans are back--and that Sarah Jessica Parker is the new face of the style?

Walmart will carry the new Jordache jeans--and unlike designer jeans of the 1980s--these ones are very affordable. They will run about $17 per pair.

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Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker will wear Jordache jeans in real life?

Would Carrie Bradshaw wear them?

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